Anaesthesia Breathing System

Anaesthesia Breathing System

The prime function of a Breathing System is to empower the anesthetic machine to, firstly, produce the unhindered, intended and inspired gaseous mixture of Oxygen and Anesthetic gases and then, deliver it to the alveoli of the patient. Keeping our Breathing System in line with the above-stated expected function, we are basing ourselves as the efficient Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Anaesthesia Breathing System in Gujarat, India. We are backed by latest technology, advanced machinery, and skilled technicians that bring about the best-quality Anaesthesia Breathing System. We supply the Breathing Systems to different states and countries as well in a time-efficient way.


Plain Anaesthesia Circle ‘Closed’ System Kit :

  • Corrugated. Flexible and Lightweight tubing
  • Special Clip feature to eliminate disconnection
  • 22M/15F-15M Fixed Elbow with 7.6mm suction Port
    and Non-popping cap
  • 2 Litre Reservior Bag
  • Extra Limb of 1.5 mtr
  • 22M – 23F Boyles Straight Connector
  • 22F – 22M Straight Connector
  • 22M – 22M Straight Connector

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